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Shri Nathji used to narrate this beautiful parable which would make people burst out with applause:
There was a man proceeding through a jungle path. The night was dark except for the dim light of the stars. The man knew that there was a dangerous pit along the way and wished that there was more light. He prayed to God. And the next instant the sky was filled with clouds.
“He had to stop walking at once because even the dim light of the stars had been shut out. The man was afraid; he thought God had become angry with him. Just then there was a lightning flash in the clouds and for a brief moment the entire forest was filled with light. In that brief moment the man saw that he was standing at the edge of the dangerous pit.
“Quite suddenly the plan of God began to unfold itself before his mind. God had sent the clouds so that he may stop walking, or else he would have fallen into the pit in the dim light of the stars. And with the lightning flash God had revealed how he had saved him. When the troubles of the world increase it is time for the Grace of God to manifest itself