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Man had to learn to be content in the Divine Will. In contentment lay the cures for many ills. Shri Nathji had this favourite parable:
A man slept out in the open. The area was infested by mosquitoes. He had only a blanket with which he could cover himself. But, alas, the blanket was not long enough. If he pulled it over his head, his feet were left uncovered; and if he pulled it down over his feet, his head was left uncovered. In either case, the mosquitoes bit the exposed parts and made him miserable. He complained of the situation to a visiting friend.
The friend laughed, and said: My dear fellow, if the blanket cannot stretch, why don’t you shrink yourself! The man pulled his legs in–and the blanket covered his entire body. The mosquitoes could not get at him, and he slept in peace.