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Shri Nathji often spoke about the moth and the flame – the shamaa and parvaanaa. And this was very appropriate, for he was the Divine Flame, and the seekers after truth who were drawn to him were the moths. Indeed Shri Nathji’s reality was so supreme that only genuinely thirsty souls could find him and recognise him.
Shri Nathji would say to people: It was I who went to you first in an invisible form and brought you to myself!
It is the voice of a devotee:

Mujhse mat poochh ai raunake bazm
Main aap aayaa naheen laayaa gayaa hoon

Ask me not how I came, O joyous gathering-
I came not of myself but was brought here!

Is it the moth that comes to the flame? No it is the flame which goes to the moth first, as light. The moth comes to the flame later, in pursuit of that light.    
Shri Nathji would say:

Ye vo jagah hai jahaan aane se paihle aasheervaad mil jaate hain!

“This is that place where Blessings reach out to you even before you come here!

Indeed what Shri Nathji meant was that people would never have been able to come to him had his blessings not reached out to them first.