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Shri Nathji would often narrate this parable about the love of a mother for her child.
There was a mother who was dressed up in a beautiful new silk saree to go to a party. Just as she stepped out of the house she heard the cries of her child, who had fallen into a mud puddle. The child had been very naughty. The mother heard his cries. Did she ignore the cries because she thought the child was naughty? Did she stop and think that she would be late for the party? Did she stop and think that her saree would become soiled with the mud if she went to the child? No. These thoughts did not even enter her mind. She was so filled with concern for her child that she ran to him and lifted him along with the mud still clinging to him.  Such is the love of a mother for her child.
Shri Nathji used to say: If a child insists upon playing in mud, and dirtying his clothes, will his mother cease to love him? No! She will lift him up from the dirt and embrace him! So it is with God and man. If a mother can lift up her child along with the dirt clinging to him why cannot God in all His Mercy lift up man along with his sins!  If a mother is defined as a drop of water, God is an Ocean of Unbounded Love. Surely He will not forsake man because of his sins.
The parable was so logical that no one could deny its truth. All who had seen the love of a mother for her child would know of the love of God for man. Such was Shri Nathji’s way of enunciating the greatest of spiritual truths in the most logical of ways. All could understand his parables, from the greatest of intellectuals to the smallest of children.
These parables were not only interesting and gripping but also full of great undeniable wisdom and irrefutable logic that endeared Shri Nathji to one and all.