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An artist came to Shri Nathji to show him his pictures, and Shri Nathji said to him: Wait awhile! Let me show you my picture first before I see yours!
The artist said: Sir, are you an artist as well?
And Shri Nathji replied: Yes, but the picture I have painted is the picture of life! And here is the picture:
“This life is like a journey in a train. You board a train. You find people inside the compartment who are already there before you. These are your parents. The train moves on. Others board the compartment while you are still inside. These are your children and grandchildren.  And, then, as the train moves on, some of them get off while you are still inside, and then, finally, you leave the train while others are still inside the train.

Kuchh hamaare hote utar jaate hain
Aur kuchh ke hote ham utar jaate hain

Some get off in our presence
And we get off in the presence of others!

“That is the picture of life. Do not think of the train as your home. The final destination lies elsewhere!
Shri Nathji said:

Afsos to iss baat kaa hai ke ham safar ko to ghar banaa baithe hain, aur jis ghar men jaanaa hai uskaa pataa tak naheen.
“It is sad that we think of the journey as our home and know nothing of the home where we must go .

Iss safar men log suffer kar rahe hain!

People are suffering in this journey!

Shri Nathji would also say: People come to me asking me to make their journey comfortable but no one ever asks me to make their home comfortable as well!

You must have such a companion in this journey who will be with you in the train and make your journey comfortable, and who will be your host when you go to your home. He shall be with you here as well as there!

“Jise yahaan naheen dekhaa use aage kaise paihchaanenge!

If you have not see him here, how will you be able to recognise him in the hereafter!”

“Think of a child and a mother in the train. The child does not know where the train is going, but he is in the arms of his mother, and his mother knows of the destination, and will take the child with herself!”
There was a note of urgency in Shri Nathji’s voice as he told people time and again:
Do not think of this world as your home. You were not here one day, and you shall not be here one day. While it is true that this life is a journey – a safar, yet a journey is not without meaning, because without a journey you cannot reach your destination.

“Jeevan kyaa hai? Ek safar. Aur mrityu kyaa hai? Aapkaa ghar.

“This life is a train – and death, your home.”