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A man came to Shri Nathji and said: Sir, if we have to suffer as a consequence of our Karmas–the actions performed by us, what can God do for us?  The suffering that we have to endure is then the Will of God in accordance with His Laws.
Shri Nathji said: Have you seen a potter beat a lump of clay into the shape of a vessel? He beats the clay with one hand, while he places the other hand inside the vessel to soften the impact of the blows. Even if man must undergo suffering, the Hand of God comes to give him comfort from within. Either you will be released from the suffering or you will be given strength to bear it!
Omar Khayyam, the famous Persian poet, was greatly distressed upon seeing the scene of the potter thumping the clay. And he wondered why the potter was so harsh on the clay. It was sad that Khayyam died before I came on the scene, or else I would have told him: ‘The potter is thumping the clay not to break it, but rather to make a beautiful shape out of it!’