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Shri Nathji explained:
Sorrow and suffering is a blessing in disguise for it comes to increase the strength of the soul and to purify it from sins. It is like bitter quinine that breaks the fever, or like the friendly knife of the surgeon who heals you, and for which you are willing to pay him.
Suppose for a moment that you have purchased a very expensive cloth abroad and you take it to a tailor because you want a suit to be made out of it. You have never seen a tailor actually make a suit. You tell the tailor that you want to see him make the suit before your eyes.
“As you stand before him you discover to your great horror that the tailor begins to cut your expensive cloth into pieces. You are about to protest, when you see him stitching together the various pieces in such an artistic manner that a beautiful suit is created from the cloth. The realisation dawns upon you that the tailor had cut the cloth, not to destroy it, but rather to make a beautiful suit out of it.
A dhobi-washermen thrashes the clothes on a rock not because he has any hostility towards the clothes, but rather because he wishes to remove the dirt from them.