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Shri Nathji was fond of narrating the parable of the wall of laughter which he described in Urdu as Deevaare Kaihkahaa. Anyone who climbed on the wall and caught a glimpse of the other side, immediately fell on the other side, laughing with joy, and never returned. There was one, however, who climbed on the wall, looked at the other side, and was filled with ecstatic laughter, but who did not fall. Instead, he thought of his suffering brethren and returned to them, to take them over the wall with him. Such a one became a Saviour of mankind. Shri Nathji would often say:
Deedaare Dilrubaa kaa Deevaare Kaihkahaa hai
Jo uss taraf ko jhaanka vo iss taraf kahaan hai

The glimpse of the Beloved lies on the Wall of Laughter,
He who looks to the other side never returns to the first.