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Shri Nathji was fond of the following illustration:
The existence of man is like that of a zero. The more it tries to expand, the greater does its nothingness become. From a small zero, it becomes a bigger zero. The moment man understands his own nothingness and comes before God, like zero coming before ‘one’, he is made great. When zero acknowledges its own nothingness before ‘one’, it becomes ten. If it acknowledges its nothingness a second time, it becomes a hundred, and then a thousand, and ten thousand, and finally infinity. Such, indeed, is the reward of the man who effaces his own ego and comes before God. But if the zero were to get rid of ‘one’ after it had reached infinity, it would become zero again. The existence of man in the world can have significance only when it connects itself with God. All of nature bows in obeisance to such a one.
Nothing is impossible for those who have established a relationship with God. When their own efforts fail, the All-Powerful commands all of Nature to come to their aid,” Shri Nathji would say.
Shri Nathji was fond of saying: Nature has placed the price of everything in the world on it – and the price is zero. The earth is round like a zero, the sun, moon and the stars are all round, like zeroes, the entire Universe exists within the pupil of the eye, which is again like a zero. Even things that appear to be straight are zeroes, because a straight line is nothing but a combination of little dots which are all zeroes. This is to tell us that everything is zero without God.