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Shri Nathji would frequently speak of a similar period in the life of Shri Babaji Maharaj. There was a time when Shri Babaji Maharaj had isolated himself from the people of Lahore. He thirst­ed for a spiritually thirsty soul, a genuine seeker after truth. And he asked a certain Pandit Diwan Chand of Lahore:
Is there no lover of God-Khudaa kaa bandaa- in this city?
The Pandit thought for a while, and said: No, Huzoor, I am sorry to say there is no one.
Then, said Shri Babaji Maharaj, is there no lover of mankind-bande kaa bandaa-in the city either?
The Pandit said: Huzoor, there is such a one. But he is under house arrest by the British. He is His Majesty Amire Kabul–the King of Afghanistan! Muhammad Ayub Khan!
Then take me to him, said Shri Babaji Maharaj, whose thirst for a thirsty soul had begun to increase.
At the palatial residence of Amire Kabul, the latter’s son met Shri Babaji and said: My father has gone out to hunt. He has been permitted this by the government.
Shri Babaji Maharaj returned to his home. Some time later, a messenger arrived with a note: Sir, my son informs me that a man of God, a personality full of divine radiance–noor–came to my residence, when I was unfortunate enough to be away. Could I beg of you to come a second time? I cannot leave the premesis, myself!
And Shri Babaji Maharaj called a fitan, a horse drawn carriage, and went to Amire Kabul. The man was overwhelmed. His heart had been thirsting for realisation. He recognised the object of his desire in Shri Babaji Maharaj, and his soul became satiated. He said to all present on the occasion:

Naa maalum yeh bandaye khudaa kaun hain jinke deedaar se mujhe aaj wo khushi mil rahi hai jo kabhi naheen milee!

What a unique man of God is this, whose presence fills me with such happiness today as I have never experienced in my life before!

And Shri Babaji Maharaj said: If you have obtained such happiness today, then so have I!
Amire Kabul, Shri Babaji Maharaj continued, tell me, is there anything you desire? The voice of God tells me that you will be granted your wish in the twinkling of an eyelash! Tumhen chashme zadan men diyaa jayegaa!
The exiled King thought for a while and then said: Hazrat, I have only this to ask. When you are lost in the depths of your meditation, in your muraakbaa–then think of me as one whose name might be included in the names of those who sweep in the Divine Darbaar! Uss darbaare aaliyaa men meraa naam jhaarroo bardaaron men likhaa jaaye!
Shri Babaji Maharaj was greatly touched by his humility. He left, after blessing Amire Kabul. Many days later, when he returned to Lahore he enquired after Amire Kabul, and he was informed that Amire Kabul had left the world.
A few days before he died, Amire Kabul had asked that he be left alone and undisturbed in his chambers. He went to his bed and lay down to sleep. Very soon his sleep entered into the phase of eternal sleep, and he left for the darbaare aaliyaa, the abode of the Divine, which he had sought from Shri Babaji Maharaj. Shri Babaji Maharaj was in his muraakbaa, divine contemplation, at the time.