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In London, Shri Nathji’s quest for a genuine soul was to be fulfilled in Father Malachy, a Catholic priest of repute, who lived in an isolated area in Maidstone, Kent, in a large stone castle. Many people had as great a reverence for him as for the Pope. He had heard about Shri Nathji from George Korab De Moers, and he invited Shri Nathji to his sanctuary. He was ill at the time. His meeting with Shri Nathji was one of the major events in London for the spiritual world. A genuine soul was coming face to face with God.
Father Malachy was a great saint himself. Some even accredited him with the power of miracles. But within him there was a spiritual thirst, which brought him face to face with God.
It was snowing heavily in London on the day Shri Nathji went to meet Father Malachy. The road was narrow and dangerous and the visibility poor. But Shri Nathji risked the journey. He was going with great eagerness to satiate the thirst within him for a thirsty soul. It was the ocean going out in search of water.
Pran Nath drove his car with great skill and courage, and brought it to a halt outside Father Malachy’s Castle. Mateshwari was also inside the car with Shri Nathji, in the freezing winter cold of England.
Father Malachy brought tea for Shri Nathji and Mateshwari and Pran Nath. He handed a cup of tea to Shri Nathji and said: Pray for me!
The pent-up outpourings of Shri Nathji’s heart gushed forth in a flow of Divine Love, and Father Malachy’s soul was flooded, with spiritual light. There was Shri Nathji’s Persian verse to describe the situation:

Phir dekhiye andaazaye gulafshaaniye guftaar
Rakh de koi paimaanaye saihbaa mere aage

Fathom then the outpourings of my words as many flowers,
Let someone but place before me a cup of intoxication divine!

Shri Nathji’s innate divinity would be ever ready to emerge as divine intoxication, the moment a receptive heart came before him as an empty cup.
If hundreds of people in England had come to accept Shri Nathji, it would not have mattered as much as Father Malachy’s acceptance of Shri Nathji. Genuine diamonds could only be recognised by genuine jewellers. Perhaps Father Malachy was the one Englishman for whom Shri Nathji had flown all the way from India.
Whatever part of himself Shri Nathji chose to reveal, was best expressed in Father Malachy’s own words in his published newsletter.