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Mr. Jalie had been given a new life by Shri Nathji. He had been pulled out from the dregs of a depression that would have cost him his life. He had been very loyal and very grateful to Shri Nathji at first, and even served him with all his heart and soul. However with the passage of time, the devotional ardour appeared to have dimmed.
He became more and more interested in money and even began business ventures which had been outside his ken. He was an Optician by profession but he sought to run chartered aeroplane flights which he thought would bring him huge profits. He sought Shri Nathji’s blessings. However, divine blessings could not be had for the asking for the purpose of dubious business ventures. It appeared that Shri Nathji did not listen to his prayers.
The man’s business venture was not successful. The net result was that he stopped visiting Shri Nathji, thereafter, and simply disappeared from the scene. He forgot how Shri Nathji had brought him back to life; it was a debt he could never repay.
Shri Nathji was living in a country where he was seriously handicapped for funds. No money was forthcoming from India because of the restrictions of the Reserve Bank. Shri Bhutt could not send him anything from India and was in acute despair for that very reason. Shri Nathji was living on the meagre foreign exchange of Pran Nath’s studies and whatever services Shri H.S. Karai could render him. At a time like this it would have been in Shri Nathji’s interest to have blessed Jalie to build up a huge business so that he could serve him. However, Shri Nathji could endure the greatest sufferings in life and yet not deviate from his principles.
As Karai was a bachelor and he had no obligations in India, he wished to serve Shri Nathji as he would a member of his family. He had frequently prayed to Shri Nathji to help him win the ‘Pools’ lotteries in London, however this had never come about because Shri Nathji had never blessed him to win. Had Shri Nathji blessed Karai to win millions of pounds from a lottery, Shri Nathji could have lived comfortably in London. But such was the inexorable divine will. Shri Nathji was living in London just like Lord Rama had chosen to live in hardship in the forests in banishment.
It appeared to Shri Nathji that most people in the world were worshippers of money and there were few who genuinely worshipped God. It was for this reason that Shri Nathji remained aloof from the people of London.
If he had so desired he could have set up centres and establishments in London where people would have thronged to him. However Shri Nathji had always been far removed from worldly considerations.