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April 1964, No.72.
“To the open door last Sunday came His Holiness Bhola Nathji with his Maharani and their son. His Holiness wore a simple robe with a scarlet turban, which is the sign of a holy man in India. He is a mystic and writer and well-known all over India, and a Religious Philosopher, and has addressed mass meetings everywhere.
When he speaks of God, he lights up, and is most eloquent, and his language sheer poetry. He speaks for hours and his audience is never tired. Where God is, he says, time does not exist.
He is emptied of self and possessed of God. He uses Christian words like Grace and knows that the life of God is in him to be given endlessly. He must be baptised by his great desire for God and his great love. He spoke of God’s providence and of His great kindness, and gave many examples.
The friend who introduced him said that his outlook was exactly like mine! This was his introduction:
I want to deliver a man to you. And what a man! The Maharaja has powerful ‘desinturbulating’ powers; meaning giving people back their souls, which they have lost in the rat race. He has a spiritual power of breaking up atheists.”
W. Malachy Lynch. O Carm
The Friars, Aylesford
Maidstone, Kent,
Many years later, Shri Nathji received word in India that Father Malachy had passed away, and that he had remembered Shri Nathji during his last moments.