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“I am afraid for your sake. I know of the last moments of life that are to come upon everyone, when one will be as helpless as a child. No knowledge or skill will come to your aid!
“Remember those last moments, when you will have to tread upon a path which is narrower than the width of a hair, and sharper than the finest edge of a sword. Yes, it is upon this path that you must walk after life.
“Have you made a companion for those dreadful hours of helplessness and loneliness? Let God change your lives. Do not oppose the change. A man sees his mud hut being demolished, and thinks of it as destruction, but little does he know that the first structure has been pulled down so that a second structure can be built in its place. The little hut is taken down so that a palace can be built in its place. The older foundations must be uprooted, and newer ones installed.

“Guft Rumi har banaaye kohnaa kaabaadaan kunand,
Me nadaani avval aan buniyaad raa veeraan kunand

If old foundations must be rejuvenated-O Rumi!
Thou must know, that they must first be laid to waste!