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And then came May 18, 1978 the Divine Prophecy Day–’Aakaashavaani Divas’. Fifty two years ago, on Tuesday, the 18th of May 1926, in District Amritsar, Tahsilpur, Shri Babaji Maharaj had set down a prophecy on paper–that every particle of the Universe would be called upon to believe that the God of Creation had taken upon Himself the name of ‘Nath’ Ghulam Rue Zameen, in human form, upon the earth.
The people of Akola–the small group of dedicated souls–had observed this day for over 28 years. They had translated the prophecy into Marathi and sang it together. Akola was the only place in the world which knew of the significance of this monumental prophecy–of the coming to earth of God Himself. Only a select few were to know of this event.
Those who believed in Shri Nathji and accepted him into their hearts would surely attain salvation in life as well as in Death.
On that particular day, Shri Nathji read out the prophecy himself. It was a strange day–he, who had been prophesied would come, had come, and was proclaiming the prophecy about himself in his own voice.
Call me what you like, said Shri Nathji, but my only claim is to be your slave. I am wearing a crown of thorns…. it is a crucifixion…. the sufferings of the world have become my own… Only a jeweller can point out a diamond…. Babaji Maharaj was such a jeweller…. today his portrait remains with us… look, he appears to be smiling down upon us….”
It was an overwhelming day–there was the presence of divine awe. Everyone was in the presence of God come to earth.
And Shri Nathji’s verse upon Shri Babaji Maharaj rang out in the hearts of all:

Teri ye tasveer hai beshak karaare zindagi
Iskee raihmat par hai meraa inhisaare zindagi

This, thy portrait, is the foundation of my life
Upon its Mercy, rests the refuge of my life.

And Shri Nathji said, with awe-inspiring loudness:

Mubaarak ho makeene laamakaa aaye hain duniyaa mein
Zameen kaa charkh se paayaa dobaalaa hone vaalaa hai

Good tidings be to all, the Infinite, without a dwelling, has come upon earth
The Glory of the earth shall soar higher than the Heavens now!

The hot winds of May came and went.  And then it was the month of June. People in India were surprised Shri Nathji was still in Akola in the hottest month of the year.
Shri Nathji had developed a dangerous rash on his skin from the tight collar of his achkan. The cooling arrangements were inadequate in the moist heat of Akola. Priya Nath had also fallen ill.
Shri Nathji could easily have returned to Nagpur, and from there, to the mountains of Mussoorie. However he chose to stay on at Akola for some mysterious divine purpose known only to him.