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On the 7th of May 1978 it was Divine Union Day, the day Shri Nathji had been married to Savitri Deviji, 39 years ago on May 7, 1939 in Lahore. Here, in Akola, the day was celebrated with great happiness.
Shri Nathji showered unusual Grace and spiritual happiness on his devotees that day. His voice resonated at Prahlad Darshan, his residence:
“Rama was to be with Sita, Lord Shanker was to be with Paarvati–and I was to be with Mahamateshwari…. Had she not been with me… this day would not have come in Akola … we would not have met…. She was the one cause of this effect in the chain of events. If even one link were missing the chain would not have formed. If even a minute is missing from an hour, it will cease to be an hour, the day will not be a day, the week not a week, the month not a month, the year not a year-and so on … that one missing minute will affect time till eternity….”
The devotees, sang even as they danced a joyful Maharashtrian ‘tippari’ dance to the tune of yet another song written by Bal Ojarkar and sung by Bal Bhagat:

Aaj Prabhuji kaa daivi milan din hai
Naacho gaayo manaao khushi dil bhar ke

Today is the day of the Divine Union of our Lord,
Let us all sing and dance with all our hearts, today.