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Prahlad Darshan was the name of the house in Aman Khan plots where Shri Nathji was to stay. The house had been beautifully decorated. Shri Nathji was to stay on the first floor.

Mubaarak ho makeene laamakaan aaye hain duniyaa men
Zameen kaa charkh se paayaa dobaala hone vaalaa hai

Good tidings be to all, He the Limitless, without a dwelling, has come upon earth,
The glory of the earth shall soar higher than the Heavens now!

A Divine Ocean had begun to sway within Shri Nathji. He had sown a seed in Akola 27 years ago, and he had now come there to see the fruit it had produced. And his voice appeared to ring out from all the particles of creation:

“Baaz aamdam, baaz aamdam,
Taa vakt raa maimoo kunam
Taa darde dil afzoon kunam.
Baaz aamdam, baaz aamdam

I have come again, I have come again
To fill the time with gladness,
To increase the pain of love in the heart,
I have come again, I have come again.”

The particles of Nature appeared to be dancing with joy. God had entered into the midst of his devotees to reveal Himself. It was a divine union–that of God with His devotees. The Creator of the world had entered a small house in Akola.
The drawing room at the residence of Shri Nathji was soon crowded by the people of Akola, who came in multitudes for his darshan and blessings, and to listen to his words of divine nectar which rang out day and night, non-stop in one of the most powerful outpourings in a long time.
The place was filled with the rich and the poor, sitting side by side, men, women and children, and even babies in the arms of their mothers. Many had to stand in the small verandah outside the room to catch a glimpse of Shri Nathji.
And Shri Nathji attended to all, not even the least amongst the crowds escaped his attention. People found themselves in a sea of bliss, all their cares and worries drowned, their illnesses miraculously cured, and a surging ocean of bliss entering their inner beings. Never before had the people experienced so great a power of love. It would draw them to Shri Nathji again and again. It was as if they had found their nearest and dearest loved one.