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An irate Priya Nath turned to the open window, looked up at the skies, and spoke out with vehemence against the powers of darkness:
Stop the Rain! Band karo ye baarish!”
Shri Nathji had his eyes shut.  He was listening to the prayers of the powers of Light, which had been suffering at the hands of the powers of darkness.  He was listening to the prayers of his devotees.
And the rainstorm stopped, suddenly–as if stilled by an Unseen Hand.  The rumbling of the clouds ceased, and they lay silent, hovering above in hushed awe, in obedience to the command of their Creator.
A grand procession passed through Akola that day. Shri Nathji, Priya Nath and Priya Vari, sat in a large open car, bedecked with flowers and lights. There were bandsmen and musi­cians, and a throng of devotees dancing on the streets. It was a strange sight–doctors, lawyers, intellectuals, officers in high positions, dancing along the roadside. What a strange wave of happiness had possessed these learned men to be so affected!
It is not I who am dancing, it is my heart that is dancing! said Mr. Khalil Sheikh, a Muslim Commissioner, to Shri Nathji:

Ye main naheen naach rahaa, meraa dil naach rahaa hai!”

Shri Nathji’s effulgence of divine power was at its peak and his voice rang out from the open car in the procession:
Never before in the history of religion has such an event taken place, it is a proof of the existence of a divine power. This happiness that floods the soul without any apparent external cause, comes from God alone!
A wave of divine happiness appeared to spread everywhere. All who came within its sphere felt this powerful overwhelming bliss that rained down from another plane.  Shri Nathji was smiling–his mission in life had reached its desired goal.
Shri Nathji said:
Even the devis and devtaas–the gods and goddesses above–are vying with each other to catch a glimpse of this scene below.
The clouds began to part but slowly. Rays of light filtered down from the skies and came upon Shri Nathji’s face, adding to a light divine that was already at its zenith.
Nathji Pragat ho jaao! Nathji pragat ho jaao! Nathji reveal thyself to all! shouted Shri K.H. Chati in a frenzy of spiritual fervour.
The happiness that penetrated deep down inside people’s hearts caused them to sing, dance, and prostrate themselves before Shri Nathji in uncontrollable gestures.
The procession wound itself through the city, slowly, and Shri Nathji raised his hands in the air and blessed the citizens of Akola.
The sermon that night was a powerful one at Pramila Tai Hall. Sitting on the stage, Shri Nathji was like a blazing Sun that sent its rays to the entire world. Priya Nath and Priya Vari sat next to him on separate chairs.
The entire hall was packed with people. The devotees, Bal Bhagat, Bal Ojarkar and others had sung their songs. People were waiting with breathless expectancy to listen to the words of Shri Nathji even as he sat before them glowing with heavenly light.
Shri Nathji said in a powerful thundering voice:



“And yet, there is no one in greater bondage than I am. And I shall remain in bondage until the last man is set free!
“Today is my birthday. It is strange that I should have learned to speak so, on the very first day of my birth… My home is not in cities or within palaces, houses or huts, my home is within your hearts!
“A candle can give light to a few, an electric bulb to a greater number, but when light is needed for an entire city, an entire nation, for the whole world–then only the Sun can give such a light! Let me congratulate you–the Sun of Spirituality has risen!
The Voice was the Voice of God, the Sun of Spirituality.
And the sounds of rejoicing echoed everywhere. Sang the devotees together:

Khushee kaa ye samai sabko
Mubaarik ho, Mubaarik ho,
Jagat men Nath kaa aanaa,
Mubaarik ho, mubaarik ho

May this joyous time
Bring good tidings to all;
May the coming of Nath into this world
Bring good tidings to all

It was a song that had been first composed in the Punjab when Shri Nathji was a little child, and had first come into the world.
The celebrations were over.  And yet, Shri Nathji’s fer­vour had not subsided, his light not resting even for a little while. Its brilliance not satisfied. Every day was a celebration for those who came to Shri Nathji’s darbaar.  Divine Bliss re­mained paramount. Shri Nathji was confined within that one room, broadcasting to the whole world and purifying it. His work was not yet over.