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There were his favourite verses put to song by Priya Nath and played by him on the tape recorder. Shri Nathji would sway with ecstasy and even execute a dance while sitting in the arm chair, his hands reaching out forwards and backwards to the rhythm of the music:

Deedaare Dilrubaa kaa deevaare kaihkahaa hai
Jo uss taraf ko jhaankaa vo iss taraf kahaan hai

The Glimpse of the Beloved is from the Wall of Laughter,
He who looks yonder shall henceforth not remain on this side!

Even as the words of the verse echoed in rhythm, “uss taraf ko jhaankaa” and “iss taraf kahaan hai”, Shri Nathji pointed his arms and hands forwards and then backwards in tune to the music.
Shri Nathji had shut his eyes to the faults of the humanity around him as was seen from the second verse that followed after the first even as Shri Nathji continued to sway with ecstasy:

Bandaa nawaaziyon pe Khudaaye kareem thhaa
Kartaa naa main gunaaha to gunaahe azeem thhaa

When the Lord was disposed towards mercy to all
To not to have sinned would have been the greatest sin of all!

There would be Shri Nathji swaying to the refrain of another favourite verse as sung and recorded by Priya Nath on the cassette recorder:

Muddat se muntazar thhee nigaah jiske noor ki
Ab aa gayi hai shubh gharri uske zahoor ki

He, whose Glory the eyes had awaited since long,
Was revealed in a moment of Glory sublime

Shri Nathji’s words were spreading out into the particles of nature, entering within the souls of men everywhere, elevating them consciously or unconsciously. It was the change of an era.
And thus the hot and humid month of July came over the little house in Akola where Shri Nathji was staying.
The devotees from Punjab and Delhi who had accompanied Shri Nathji to Akola had already left. There was but Shri Chaman Lal Khosla who had remained behind. Gopal Swami had gone in a clandestine manner and had later called his family to him. The Bahls had left for Delhi to attend to matters there. There were even traces of disaffection brewing amongst some devotees of Akola. Some old faces had now given place to new ones. However, Shri Nathji appeared to be resolute to stay on at Akola. There was even a time when train reservations were cancelled.