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Priya Nath had come to Maharashtra with his portable Philips tape recorder and he would make it a point to record as many of Shri Nathji’s sermons as he could on cassettes. Although this was an impossibility because of the limitless, unending flow of Shri Nathji’s words, yet he captured whatever he could of the divine showering of ambrosia at Akola. It was as if the Bhagwad Geeta had been narrated by Lord Krishna and captured on tape.
Years ago when Shri Nathji had been very young and had been showering his divine words like nectar upon the world, he had said to Nature:
“I am leaving these treasures in your safekeeping. One day you will have to return them to me!”
The time had come in Akola when those words came flooding back to Shri Nathji as if they were being returned to him by the forces of Nature. This time, however, Priya Nath captured them on tape.
Radha Devi Goenka of Akola said:
“Priya Nathji is doing a very great service to humanity by capturing your words on tape. These are being preserved for posterity and will go on guiding humanity for centuries to come!”
And then there were the haunting bhajans. Every daily sitting would begin with: Bhari sabhaa men aake baithe Nath Bhola Mussoorie vale,” and end with the ghazal Shri Nathji had written, sung soulfully by Shri Bal Ojarkar, Shri Bal Bhagat, Shanware and Shri Pande. It was the voice of the individual soul that had reached the Universal Soul, which was its final destination, after ages of wandering:

Aa gayaa aanaa jahaan
Pahunchaa vahaan jaanaa jahaan
Ab naheen aanaa va jaanaa
Kaam kyaa baaki rahaa

I have arrived where I had to arrive
I have reached, where I had to reach,
No more shall I wander, hence,
There is nothing else to be done

Laakh chauraasi ke chakkar se thhakaa kholi kamar
Ab rahaa aaraam paanaa kaam kyaa baaki rahaa

Tired of the four and eighty lakhs of births, I relax,
And lay me down to rest, nothing else needs to be done!

Daal do hathiyaar meri raaye pukhtaa ab huyi
Lag gayaa pooraa nishaanaa kaam kyaa baaki rahaa

Setting aside my weapons now, my resolve fulfilled,
My aim has hit its mark, and nothing needs to be done!

The daily satsangs, unabated for weeks, and then months, would have taken the toll of any young man’s health. But here was Shri Nathji, almost 76 years old, becoming younger and younger day by day, and more and more radiant with the passage of time.
I am broadcasting daily to the whole world from this small room! Shri Nathji said.
Indeed, the spiritual vibrations that went out from Shri Nathji spread out to all corners of the world, purifying invisibly the hearts and souls of men, spreading greater peace and affinity everywhere and effacing the sorrows and sufferings of mankind. Sitting in that small room in Akola, before a small group of loyal devotees who would come daily, Shri Nathji was reaching out to the whole world, like a flower spreading its fragrance everywhere.