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A child has a latent thirst in it for milk. Its mother has the milk. The thirst of the child is a powerful proof of the existence of the mother. The spiritual thirst in man–which manifests itself as a quest for happiness–is proof of the existence of God.
“The king and the beggar must come to the same level before one can give and the other receive. When God was above, and man below, communication was difficult. God desired to give, and man desired to receive. God could not call all of mankind to Himself. Therefore He came down to earth, to be on the same level as man.
“A diamond does not lose its value if someone refuses to believe in its genuineness. It is the disbeliever who remains at a loss because he disowns the diamond and thus loses it.
“I wish to make you fearless in the world. But I don’t wish to eradicate fear altogether, lest man cease to fear even God.
“The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.