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The powers of evil-the asuri bal whose sole purpose of existence was to place obstacles in the divine path, tried its best to sabotage the intended trip.
Shri Muley of Akola had been deputed to bring Shri Nathji to Akola from Nagpur. Shri Bal Ojarkar came with him. Shri Nathji had frequently referred to Muley as my strong hand.
The time for departure arrived. Shri Nathji and Priya Nath had punctually got ready and dressed for the departure at their residence at Nagpur. The train, the Maharashtra Express, left for Akola in the morning at 8 a.m. sharp.
Unfortunately, the car which was to take Shri Nathji to the Railway Station was given over by Shri Muley to the devotees from Punjab and Delhi, who were only too eager to reach the station first. The car did not come back in time.
Another car had to be arranged for Shri Nathji, but by the time this car arrived, it was too late.
As Shri Nathji and his entourage reached the Railway Station, they saw the train to Akola move out of the station before their very eyes. Shri Nathji was stranded at the Railway Station at Nagpur.
Muley, Chati and the others suggested catching the train at Ajni station, and Shri Nathji and his entourage rushed to the car which took them there. But the train had left that station as well.
It appeared as if the entire trip to Akola would have to be cancelled that day. Large crowds were expected to come at Akola to welcome Shri Nathji. The entire city was awaiting his arrival. Newspapers had already given out the news of Shri Nathji’s arrival that day by the Maharashtra Express.