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These were the days when Shri Bal Ojarkar composed new artis which were to remain alongside the old ones he had composed in 1951. The Artis were in Hindi and Marathi:

Jai-Jai Jai-Jai Bhola Nath Bhagwan
Satyam Shivam Sundaram

All Glory to Bhola Nath Bhagwan
Thou art Truth, the Eternal Soul, and Beauty Divine

Prabhaav shaali mohak moorti
Divya aakarshak daivi kaanti
Dayaa kripaa ghan mangal moorti
Prabhuji swami sewak hain ham
Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Filled with majesty, a captivating personality,
A heavenly, attractive, radiance divine
Showering Mercy and Grace, Prabhuji, Thou art the Lord, and we, thy servants,
Thou art Truth, the Eternal Soul and Beauty Divine
Mussoorie paavan shaanti nidhaan

Nathji premal moorti mahaan
Prabhu Shri Bhola Nathji Bhagwan
Darsh se ho gaye dhanya hee ham
Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Mussoorie, Thy home, is the abode of Peace,
Thy image is that of Love Sublime,
O Lord Shri Bhola Nathji Bhagwan,
Thy Glimpse brings us fulfilment,
Thou art Truth, the Eternal Soul and Beauty Divine

Daivi Saakshaatkaar karaate
Prem se sabko ye apnaate
Amritvaani ko sunvaate
Shravana se bhoolte hamko ham
Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Thou givest us God-realistation
Thy Love makes everyone Thine,
Thy Voice is the Nectar of Life,
On listening to it we forget ourselves,
Thou art Truth, The Eternal Soul, and Beauty Divine

Sukhdaayi hai madhur milan
Dhanya hamaaraa kritaarth jeevan
Vinamr hokar karte pranaam
Sparsh se paavan hote ham
Satyam Shivam Sundaram

It is filled with joy, this precious Union,
Our lives have become blessed and fulfilled,
We prostrate before Thee with humility,
We become purified by Thy Touch,
Thou art Truth, the Eternal Soul, and Beauty Divine

Mateshwari dhanyati, dhanyati,
Mateshwari dhanyati, dhanyati,
Savitri Maate jaiya ho jaiya ho
Ovaaleeto Aarti, Aarti

O Mateshwari Thou art blessed,
O Mother Savitri, all glory unto Thee,
We worship Thee with this Aarti

Nitaant Shraddhaa akhand sewaa
Divya Prem moorti, moorti
Pran Priya chee mangal Maataa
Mahaprabhu Shakti, Shakti
Ovaaleeto Aarti, Aarti

Thy endless devotion, thy perpetual service,
Thou art the Divine Image of Love,
Thou art the mother of Pran and Priya,
Thou art the Strength of Mahaprabhu,
We worship Thee with this Aarti

Sarvaswaachaa tyaag karoni,
Praanaa chi aahuti, aahuti
Aatma samarpana shikvuni jagataa
Jhaali Amar Jyoti, Jyoti
Ovaaleeto Aarti, Aarti

Thou didst give up everything,
Thou sacrificed even Thy Life,
Thou taught Self-Surrender to the world,
Thou became the Eternal Flame of Glory,
We worship Thee with this Aarti

Vileen jhaali anantaat hee,
Anant daivi Shakti, Shakti,
Chaitanyaa chi ujwal deepti
Bhagtaanchi hee sphoorti, sphoorti,
Ovaaleeto Aarti, Aarti,

Thou didst mingle into the Eternal,
Thou art infinite strength Thyself,
Thou art the Light of Consciousness itself,
Thou art the Fulfilment of all devotees
We worship Thee with this Aarti

Dayaa kripe chi maaya maaoli
Vatsaltaa moorti, moorti,
Bhakta janaanche purvi manorath
Deyi mana shaanti, shaanti,
Ovaaleeto Aarti, Aarti

Thou art the Mother of Mercy and Grace,
Thou art the image of Kindness,
Thou fulfillest the desires of the devotees,
Thou bringest peace to the heart,
We worship Thee with this Aarti

Along with these Artis, Bal Ojarkar also composed Aartis on Shri Babaji Bhagwan, Shri Priya Nath, Shri Pran Nath, and the sacred books, Atma Vijaya and Amar Jyoti.
These Aartis came to be dutifully and blissfully sung by the devotees at the conclusion of the daily satsangs at Shri Nathji’s residence, Prahlad Darshan, at Akola.
The devotees would take turns in holding the brass plate—thhaali – of the Aarti, even as Shri Nathji sat in the hot crowded room with the fans off, while Shri Nathji continued to shower his divine coolness in the midst of the sweltering heat.