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G.P. Bhutt
Chief Justice
Madhya Pradesh
Vice Chancellor,
University of Saugar               August 1964

My most reverential prostrations to you. Most respected and benevolent your holiness.
I must apologise for not writing to you and Mataji since you left India. We were expecting every time that your sojourn abroad would be brief and we would have the happiness to welcome you back very soon. Your stay, however, has turned out to be unexpectedly long and even now it is indefinite. We speculate in vain when you would return to us.
One thing, however, is certain that there is a Divine Plan behind all your actions, although we see it only when it is ultimately revealed. It may be that some souls in U. K. or U. S. also had a keen desire to meet a personality who could give them peace and beatitude, not so much through sermons as through personal contact. For sermons may give us joy but not enlightenment or bliss. Your electric personality has that quality–to raise us to the heights of joy without even our knowing it. I have no manner of doubt that this subtle benign influence of Your Divine Personality has been felt by even men with a modern way of thinking; such as in U. K. or U.S.
Most respected Mataji was kind enough to send us a published newsletter of London, which showed to us how miraculously you have impressed your Divine Personality even upon the religious fraternity in England.
Your personality is indeed cosmopolitan and can be acclaimed by people of any faith or thought, for you represent the quintessence of human perfection.
With the humblest and most reverential pranaams, I close.
Your Holiness’ Dasanudas,
G. P. Bhutt