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It was Lahore again. The time was 1937. The multitudes had gathered in the thousands to hear Shri Nathji speak. The venue was a large open space near Gopal Mandir. On the raised platform were sadhus and mahatmas and holy men of repute.
Ram Gopal Mehra, who had come with Shri Nathji to the meeting, said to Shri Nathji:
Huzoor, sab ko mast kar do! Fill everyone with a wave of divine intoxication!
As Shri Nathji began to speak, a spiritual wave appeared to spread outwards from him. The listeners found their souls ex­periencing a hitherto unknown feeling. It was as if Divine Love and Bliss had come alive. People experienced the nearness of God.
After Shri Nathji had finished speaking, the gathering rushed uncontrollably towards the platform to touch his feet and to be close to him. It was as if the voice of Shri Nathji had besieged their hearts. It was the Eternal Call of the Infinite. The happiness their inner beings felt was more than they could control or endure.
Even the sadhus, mahatmas and holy men on the stage bent down and touched Shri Nathji’s feet.
Promise us, they said, that you will always go on show­ering your Love Divine on humanity, like you have done on us today.
People who had heard Shri Nathji’s sermons marvelled at their freshness each time. If there was such a thing as everlasting happiness and heavenly bliss, Shri Nathji was giving them a brief glimpse of it on earth.
It was as if there was an unending storehouse of thoughts within Shri Nathji, an unending flow of a divine melody, which appeared with fresh notes and fresh feelings each time he spoke.
This had led Shri Nathji to stand on the shores of the ocean and address it thus:
O Ocean! Who is greater in its vast expanse – thou or I? Thou art bounded by shores, but I can see no shores that bind me!