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Shri Nathji arrived in Calcutta and stayed with Shri Ram Saran Das at Paddu Pooker Road.
The next day saw the arrival of Mrs. Bhutt and her relatives, accompanied by Sardar Sohan Singh. The latter had returned to Benares much before Mrs. Bhutt could take the next train to Jabalpur, and had brought her to Calcutta in the train that followed Shri Nathji!
Shri Nathji never forgot this magnificent service of Sohan Singh to his Lord and Master, and would recount it ever afterwards in his sermons.
At Calcutta, Shri Nathji said to Mrs. Bhutt:
I feel that your husband is here in Calcutta.
Impossible,” said Mrs. Bhutt, he is at Jabalpur. He does not even know where I am.
But Shri Nathji was right. Ganesh Prasad Bhutt was in Calcutta at the time. He had sent a telegram to Lahore and had been informed that Shri Nathji was en route to Chittagong.
He had thereafter followed the route Shri Nathji had taken, and was at Calcutta at the time that Shri Nathji was also there. However, he had no idea where Shri Nathji was staying at Calcutta. He had therefore proceeded to Chittagong to the address given to him by the devotees at Lahore.