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Shri Nathji spent the first few months of 1977 in Delhi, meeting the devotees who had long been separated from him because of his sojourn at Mussoorie over 1976. His eyesight had now improved considerably. There was no need for him to perpetually go on changing spectacles. The blindness imposed by man’s humanity to man was gone. His digestive powers were practically restored, but Priya Nath was still cooking for him.
Two South Indian servants, Namoshivaya and Natarajan, were engaged and they cooked for a short time at Delhi, but, thereafter, Priya Nath took on the duties of cooking again, as he thought that Shri Nathji was not digesting the highly spiced food they cooked.
Priya Nath was at his humorous best again when he said to the cook one day: “You add so many spices to the food that all we can taste are the spices and not the food itself. So instead of taking so much trouble to cook, why don’t you simply dissolve the spices in water and give them to us?”
Shri Nathji and Sahadeva would laugh out loud together whenever they recalled Priya Nath’s words to the cook.
Both, Shri Nathji and Priya Nath, had decided to live as frequently at Savitri Nivas, Mussoorie, as was possible, to save the property from the mischievous elements there. This was the least they could do to safeguard the legacy that Mahamateshwari had left behind for them.
And thus it was that the summer of 1977 found Shri Nathji and Priya Nath once again in the portals of Savitri Nivas at Mussoorie.
A large staff of persons was with them this time. There were Veeran Devi, Chati, Sahadeva, the Kale brothers, and the two servants.  Shri Nathji settled down to his daily routine at Savitri Nivas, occasionally sifting through, and admiring with fascination, the old clothes that Mahamateshwari had left behind in numerous trunks in the house, dating back from the days of Lahore.
These old clothes consisted of the numerous achkans, shirts, chooridars pyjamas, turbans and vests as well as bed-clothes of Shri Nathji accumulated over the years from 1939 to 1963.
There was an achkan for each of his birthdays right from 1939. Shri Nathji would narrate to Priya Nath how, at Lucknow, in 1942, Shri Ranjit Singh, owner of Carlton Hotel, had seen the large amount of clothes that Mahamateshwari had brought for Shri Nathji, saying: “Itne kaprre kiske paas hote hain! Who has so many clothes!”
At Savitri Nivas, Mahamateshwari also had trunkfuls of the children’s clothes, worn and discarded over the years, as well as her own sarees. These, plus Shri Nathji’s clothes had been preserved by her in steel trunks and were in good condition and not a single piece had been eaten by worms or silver fish. There were also hundreds of old letters and loose sheets of typed as well as handwritten manuscripts of Shri Nathji scattered all over the house, all of which formed an important history of Shri Nathji.
Indeed, each and every corner of Savitri Nivas was filled with memorabilia that reminded Shri Nathji of the days when he and Mahamateshwari had been living together, along with their children, at Savitri Nivas, as a happy family of four.