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There is the Sikh family at Mussoorie coming for Shri Nathji’s darshan, bringing the proposal of their daughter for Priya Nath. Shri Nathji always had a great love for the Sikhs. Sardar Basant Singh had lived with him for twenty years and served him loyally as no Hindu ever had. For Shri Nathji religious differences did not exist because he believed that all were the children of the same father, God.
For long now, Priya Nath had resisted all marriage proposals. He did not want any third person to stand between him and Shri  Nathji. Numerous proposals for marriage had been coming to him from numerous people of all religious faiths, all sects and creeds, all social levels and status, but he had been declining them all.
But Shri Nathji began to convince him of the necessity of marriage. Priya Nath was already distraught at Shri Nathji’s illness and of his own incapacity to look after Shri Nathji alone. Perhaps a partner in life was to be a necessity.
The fates had decreed that the girl be chosen. Priya Nath’s aunt, the 70-year-old Veeran Devi, fell down and hurt her leg. And the girl attended to her in her illness.
Shri Nathji was pleased with the girl. Small things could please Shri Nathji. Once the girl got up from the room to attend to the telephone, and, in doing so, she did not turn her back towards Shri Nathji. Shri Nathji never forgot the incident.
Shri Nathji often said: “If anyone has done even the slightest thing for me, I have never forgotten it all my life.”
In truth he was Bhola Nath, one who was as innocent as a child and who could be pleased with the slightest show of devotion. He always praised people and made them feel as if they had done something very great.