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There was a certain Shri Gupta from Dhampur who travelled all the way to Mussoorie for Shri Nathji’s darshan after looking upon his photograph in the magazine.
I could not even walk a few yards from infirmity,” he said, but the desire to come to you became so strong in my mind that I travelled this large distance by train, and even walked up this stiff climb.
“Mahatmas and intellectuals have never been a match for me, I could confound them with greater logic than they possessed.
“But after reaching you I feel I have reached the highest truth. If there be some other God, tell me of Him, otherwise I must accept you as such!
There was Shri Nathji’s verse, which referred to the book knowledge of the world as being distinct from the voice of the Living Master:

Kitaabon men dharaa kyaa hai bahut parrh parrh ke dho daaleen
Hamaare dil pe nakshe-kalhajar hai teraa farmaanaa

What lies in the reading of books, so many have been read and washed away,
Thy utterances are like a script on stone that resides within our hearts

Shri Gupta continued:
Huzoor, when you are no longer before my eyes, I shall read your book and imagine that these are your utterances coming to me directly from the source!”