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Priya Nath’s chords on the piano rang out:

Mat poochhiye vakte tanhaayi ham kaise guzaaraa karte hain
Ik pardaa nasheen ki seene men tasveer utaaraa karte hain

Do not ask of me how I spend my days of solitude,
I sketch upon my heart, the portrait of a veiled one!

This tune was to bring about a strange transformation in the atmosphere. It was to remain as a powerful spiritual incantation, which would send Shri Nathji into his divine meditation, cause his body to sway, and his blessings to radiate to all corners of the world.
On that particular occasion in Mussoorie, on December 11, 1977, Shri Nathji’s body lifted itself from his arm-chair and went soaring upwards to the rhythm of the tune. It was a divine levitation that left the beholders gasping. People would swear later that Shri Nathji went several feet into the air above his arm-chair.
And there was Dandewali, Mrs. Gangabai Bhutt, present on the occasion, showering her love on the wedded couple.
Shri Nathji explained: Before a person is elected a Minister, he is an ordinary person. But, once he has been elected, a vested power enters into his personality. And when he is deposed or removed from office, the power vanishes as well. The power comes from another source. It does not belong to the person elected. It is granted to the person by virtue of his selection.