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And the marriage took place in December 1977. It was one of the strangest marriages in Indian History. A ‘baraat’ in reverse! A military band and flowers and garlands welcoming the bride as she walked into the bridegroom’s house for the wedding!
Shri Nathji was the first Indian to have given an Indian bride her rightful welcome in marriage.
Shri Nathji sat before the ‘bedi’ as the pandits chanted the sacred words of the ceremony. The verandah of Savitri Nivas was filled with Shri Nathji’s devotees and the gentry of Mussoorie. The house was bedecked with lights, the likes of which had never been seen in Mussoorie before. Savitri Nivas was glittering like a large-sized diamond of many colours. Far away in the valley of Dehra Dun people sat on their roofs and marvelled at this strange illumination. The military bands played with great excellence.
The gates of Divine Grace were opened by Shri Nathji. The devis and devtaas that resided in the heavens, appeared to have come down to earth.
And Shri Nathji recited the verses:

“Shaihzaade kaa jaloos hai ab takhte zaat par
Har zarraa sadke jaataa hai nagmaa saraa hai aaj

It is the procession of the Crown Prince at the peak of his glory;
All the particles rejoice with the sound of music

Har bargo mehro maah kaa rakso sarod hai
Aaraamo amno chain kaa toofaan bapaa hai aaj

The sun and moon and the trees dance with joy,
Of peace and calm there is a storm a-brewing

Kyaa peshvaayi baajaa hai anhad sadaa hai aaj
Welcome ko kaisi roshani somdaamiyaan hain aaj

An imperial band is playing, with sounds without an end
The lights thrill with the joy of welcome in this brilliance  

Shri Nathji’s recitation of these verses was no ordinary recitation. The atmosphere began to vibrate with the divine bliss that the verses described.