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Shri Nathji had, in the past, considered the grand daughter of Bahadur Ugra Sen, who was studying for her Ph.D in Paris and was named Priyavari. Shri Nathji had liked the name immensely. However, as there were still some years before the girl could complete her Ph.D and return to India, Shri Nathji had not pursued the idea. But the name Priyavari kept on echoing in his mind, and he had decided that whoever would wed Priya Nath would be named Priyavari. And it was thus that Shri Nathji named Priya Nath’s bride Priyavari.
There were the devotees from Nagpur, Akola, Delhi and Punjab, all of whom lost themselves completely in this overpowering feeling of bliss.
I was present on the wedding of Shri Nathji, said Gopal Kasera, the last survivor of the Kasera brothers, but the joy I have experienced on this day is incomparable….”
Maharajas can give but wealth, said Sardar Balwant Singh of the Doon Guest house in Dehra Dun, but what you gave on the day was a divine treasure that nothing in the world can compare with.”
Shri Nathji left Mussoorie in the last week of December, and along with Priya Nath and his bride, came down to Delhi.