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The moment I saw the photograph, the moment I looked upon its beauty and purity, I knew I had reached my destination, wrote a Nawab from Saharanpur to Shri Nathji, for long now I was a seeking soul. Pray grant me an audience.
And the next four days saw the Nawab in Mussoorie, listening with great awe and reverence to the words of Shri Nathji.
Jee Saab!  said the Nawab, lost in a spiritual self-forgetfulness, Jee Saab! Yes Sir! Yes Sir!
Shri Nathji said to him:
Perhaps the photograph had gone out in the magazine only so that it might bring your destination to you! Even one searching soul is enough for the scheme of God!
The lecture that Shri Nathji gave to the Nawabzada was historical. It contained many a beautiful episode of Shri Nathji’s life. Never before had Shri Nathji given such a comprehensive synopsis of his life and teachings to any one man.
A synopsis of the sermon, recorded on tape by Priya Nath in November 1977, is given below: