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Yet it was the prayer of those who loved Shri Nathji that he continue to live on in the world to give of his Nectar of Life to humanity. It was the verse that Shri Nathji had written for Shri Babaji Maharaj:

Daur men saagar rahe, gardish men paimaanaa rahe,
Maikashon ke sar pe yaa Rabb Peera Maikhaanaa rahe

Let the nectar ever flow, let the cups be ever filled,
O Lord, let the Giver of Wine remain forever, for those who would drink

Priya Nath had been keen that as many people in India know of Shri Nathji as possible. Since Shri Nathji had as of late gone into seclusion again, Priya Nath had taken this extreme step of flashing his photograph across in a widely read magazine to lakhs of people in India.