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With tired feet and aching legs, Mr. Mandel brought Shri Nathji and Priya Nath to his home in Flushing, a Burrough of New York. Shri Nathji had the experience of riding in the crowded American subway–hanging on to a strap, amidst the denizens of New York.
God had emerged from the Underground Tube in London and entered the Subway of New York!
What was wonderful about the whole experience was that the people of the world were totally unaware of the fact that God was walking in their midst. It must have been a Supreme Joke of the Creator that he preferred to move in the midst of His Creation, unrecognised. God must have been enjoying Himself thoroughly in this assumed anonymity.
Had he so willed, the spark of recognition would have been lit in every soul.
Shri Nathji often used to say:
I have absolutely no desire within me. Main sankalp rahit hoon. I am moved only by the desire of other people.
Indeed, Shri Nathji was often like a child, agreeing to everything that anyone said.