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In New York, Mr. Mandel was driving down a highway in his car, when he had a headlong collision with another car coming from the opposite direction. His car was smashed to pieces, but he escaped unhurt, without so much as a scratch. It was due to the presence of Shri Nathji with him in an invisible form.
Shri Nathji had often said:
My blessings remain around you all the time, like the air you breathe. They cannot be seen, but they are there when you need them.
Shri Nathji had often said to his devotees:
“God is always with you, but you are not always with Him. The air is always with you, but do you ever think of it?”
In later years when Benjamin Mandel’s mother lay on her death-bed, he had Shri Nathji’s book “The First Rays of Dawn,” with him. It made him bear the terrible moments with relative peace. The thoughts of Shri Nathji in the book gave him tremendous consolation.
Shri Nathji had often said: Either your troubles will go away or else you will be given strength to bear them!
Mr. Mandel was greatly impressed by Shri Nathji’s simplicity and the unencumbered manner of his teachings. The absolute lack of propaganda in Shri Nathji’s life was ample confirmation of his genuineness.
Many times Mr. Mandel would refer to Shri Nathji as elder brother. Both he and Shri Nathji had weak sight in the right eye and were of the same age. Mandel would say of his own son, David: “He was given to me by Nature, but Priya I chose on my own!” He would look upon Priya Nath as yet another son.