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The question will arise: If God created the Universe, then who created God?
Instead of answering this question, one can pose a separate question: If God did not create this Universe, then who created it?
And if the reply be: The Universe created itself, it was, it is, and it shall be–
Then what is the harm in stating: God was, He is, and He shall be.
If the Universe can exist all by itself, then why cannot God exist all by Himself? If matter, which is devoid of all consciousness and intelligence, can produce a Universe where there is consciousness and intelligence, then why cannot a Divine Being, full of consciousness and intelligence, produce the same? If we can believe in matter accomplishing such a feat, why cannot we believe in God accomplishing the same feat?
If both these questions cannot be fully solved, and there are two separate answers which are equally difficult, then it would appear more sensible to accept the solution which points to an Intelligent Creative Force, as the Origin of the Universe.
As Shri Nathji would say-

Vo arzo samaa kahaan jo teri vusat ko paa sake
Meraa hee dil hai vo ki jis men too samaa sake.

The Earth and the Skies cannot contain the Infinity of Thy form;
It is only within the space of my heart that Thou canst reside!

What the scientists arrived at in 1978 had been predicted and explained by Shri Nathji four years earlier, in very similar terms.
It was easy for Shri Nathji to visualise the big bang at the beginning of Creation. After all, it was He who willed it, and He who controlled it.