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There was the sudden visit of Sardar Harkirat Singh who had returned from Zambia where he had been working for the past three years. He had written to Shri Nathji from Zambia of the numerous miracles that were working in his life:
“You even made generators run for me!”
Shri Nathji was so overjoyed at his visit that he said:
“The happiness that I am feeling today is akin to the happiness I would have felt if Shri Pran Nathji had arrived!”
Shri Nathji spoke in chaste Punjabi to Sardar Harkirat Singh:

Aj samundar tthaatthaan maar reyaa hai
Aj niraali bakshish da din hai
Aj meharaan leke jaa rahe ho

Today the ocean is swaying with with joy
It is a day of Divine Grace
Take the bounty of Divine Grace from me!

While parting from Shri Nathji, Sardar Harkirat Singh said:
“Assi khushiyaan di jholiyaan bhar ke lejaa rahe haan! We are taking with us a brimful of happiness.”
As photographs were taken at the time of the departure Shri Nathji said: “This is your real home. I was not away from you even when you were in Zambia. I am happy when I see you prosper. You are the flowers of my garden.
“This one moment which has been captured on the film of the camera has become eternal. In a like manner the Divine Grace that has been showered upon your hearts today has become eternal!”
Shri Nathji added: “You do not need meditation. Meditation follows you.

“Je too meraa ho rahe sab jag meraa hoye

If Thou art mine then the whole world is mine.”

As Sardar Harkirat Singh parted, Shri Nathji and the remaining devotees were once again at Savitri Nivas immersed in their daily routine. Time had ceased to exist. This always happened wherever Shri Nathji was present.
It was the month of Ramzaan and Shri Nathji was speaking to a Muslim visitor, Abbul Hasan:
“This life is a journey. To forget Allah in this journey is dozak-hell, and to remember him is jannat!
“This world has never remained perpetually with anyone – not even with kings and emperors. Bind not your heart to this world, but bind it to the Creator of the world. One man leaves the world while sitting on a throne, while another leaves it, lying in the dust. But he, who leaves the world while remembering Allah, is the greatest, even though he be lying in the dust!”
“It is said in Persian:

Kaanraa ke badaadand badaadand badaadand
Vaan raa ke nadaadand nadaadand nadaadand

He whom He wishes to give, He gives and He goes on giving,
But He whom He does not wish to give, he does not give, and he never gives!”

Shri Nathji recalls his meeting with Justice Abbas Ali Tyyab in Rialto cinema hall in 1935 where Shri Nathji had been giving a lecture on Islam. Justice Abbas Ali Tyyab had burst out into tears and later said to Shri Nathji: “ I have never heard such a lecture on Islam in my entire life. I have met many spiritual persons in my life amongst which have been learned Maulvis, but I have never seen such spirituality as I see in you!”