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7th OCTOBER 1978
And finally there is Shri Nathji’s thunderous and vibrant speech that transports everyone to a heavenly plane. His divine edicts flow out one after another in an unending deluge.

The following is the English translation in synopsis form of the historic speech:

On the birthdays of the sons of Kings, all prisoners are released. In a like manner today all who are held in the chains of sorrow shall be set free!
Priya Nathji is the door through which people can come to me–a door, which is always open! He is my fresh form upon earth, a form that is better than mine. He has sacrificed his entire career to serve me. I have the burden of the world upon my shoulders, and Priya Nathji is carrying my burden, let all give him their co-operation!
This is a day of joy, of happiness, of bliss, of a never-ending bliss. Today my blessings are going out towards you, as also my thanks. You have come and enhanced the joy of this occasion on the birthday of Param Poojya Shri Priya Nathji Bhagwan.
Yes, I am using the word Bhagwan, because he, who merges into Him becomes Him. When a coal falls into the fire it becomes fire. When a drop of water falls into the ocean it becomes the ocean.
Today is a day of joy. When an ocean is pleased, it delivers pearls to the shores; when a tree is pleased, it gives fruit, when a musical instrument is played perfectly, it gives beautiful music.
Today all of Nature is dancing with joy!
There is bliss in the dev-lok, the heavens.
This is not an ordinary meeting. It is a special day–the birthday of Param Pujya Priya Nathji Bhagwan. He has set a goal in life for the salvation of humanity, which may not have any parallel in history, nor his sacrifice.
Our family background stems from royalty. Shri Babaji Bhagwan saw the sorrows of the world, and Shri Babaji gave to the world his son, Bhola Nath, who was his most prized possession, for the salvation of the world.

Aaftaabe taaza paidaa batnegeti se huaa
Aasmaan doobe hooye taaron kaa maatam kab talak

A new Sun has risen from the womb of the Universe,
O sky, why mourn for the stars that have gone?

Babaji gave to the world this Nath. Thousands have experienced him. The water that has quenched your thirst can also quench the thirst of the entire world.
I came as a thief and stole into the depths of your heart! And what a strange kind of thief – one you do not wish to get rid of, one you would wish to keep within you, so that the thief as well as your belongings will remain inside your house!
Did not God unveil Himself and reveal Himself in Akola?

Kyaa Bhagwan ne Akola men aavaran utaarkar darshan naheen diye?

Not once, but thousands of times?
Ek baar naheen hazaar baarr naheen diye?
I can complete my work in a fraction of a moment. But I must make myself limited in order to secure your love and participation in my work.
Faith is that which even atomic bombs cannot shake. You see before you a carpet that is red. Your eyes tell you, and your faith is made permanent. Nothing can make you say that the carpet is not red. Even though you may be coerced into saying it is not red, but your heart will still say it is red. Faith is that light which cannot be extinguished even by the fiercest of storms.
Dr. Radhakrishnan used to say about me that I could change the hearts of men with a single glance.  The legendary paaras patthar-the philosopher’s stone was said to turn iron into gold with a single touch.  You have with yourself a lamp of zero watts and are stumbling in the darkness. But switch on the lamp of a thousand watts and you will see clearly.
Milk is with the mother, but it is not meant for the mother, it is meant for the child–especially the child who is hungry.
I can never be content with my own salvation until all have attained salvation.
Main mukt hoon, aur nitya mukt hoon.
I am free, and ever in salvation.
A father cannot be content unless all his sons have eaten. An ocean can never be complete unless all the drops of water have returned to it.
Shri Babaji Bhagwan gave peace to countless souls. Priya Nathji is now furthering that mission of Shri Babaji.
He is like the fish that has been born in water and knows how to swim from birth. Any other person may become an excellent swimmer but he can never become like a fish.
Param Poojya Priya Nathji Bhagwan wants to carry on with the mission of Shri Babaji Bhagwan and is prepared to do so at all costs and to make all sacrifices for it.
Yes, Priya Nathji can reach out to the scientists and the scholars of the world through his knowledge. He can convince them. He studied at the finest University in the world, Harvard University, in America, and had been invited by them on a scholarship.
He was the only person in India who had been selected for a scholarship at Zurich University in Switzerland, but he chose Harvard University. He always stood first in all his classes right from school to the university, in India.
Param Pujya Priya Nathji says that the Americans who landed on the moon brought back only rocks, but my father has a space-ship that can carry you directly to God!
There were many beautiful mansions in America. But decorations can only be made beautiful when there is light.  Prosperity is like a decorated house, and peace the light that lights up the house.
This life is very uncertain. There was an earthquake in Iran a while ago in which many perished. The life of man is uncertain. There is but this present moment before us. Priya Nathji is a mathematician and he knows of the profit and loss of life.
Every son in the world wants to inherit his father’s wealth, but Priya Nathji is a son who wishes to distribute his father’s wealth to all.
Even as one moment of life can be captured on a camera film, so can this moment of life be offered to God and be made immortal by Him.
I have a flower in my hand. From a distance you can see only the colour. As you come closer you can smell the fragrance and then feel its softness, and, finally, when you accept the entire flower you are aware of all its qualities.
In a like manner when one understands the Avatar completely, one begins to find all the qualities that give one protection, strength and salvation.
Priya Nathji has begun work on my biography and has already completed about five hundred pages in which he has explained with the intellect and reason the advent of God upon earth. He is working hard day and night to complete this task.
When completed, it will not be a book–but my own self revealed.
Bhagwan Krishna was different for the Gopis, different for Arjuna, different for Duryodhana and different for Himself!
Priya Nathji often tells me:
Pitaji, time is slipping by, complete the work for which you have come into this world.
Priyaji was saying today:
Pitaji often speaks of the kings of old who released their captives on the birthdays of their sons, but the situation is different here – the chains of the captives of love are being made stronger!

Yaad rakhnaa main aapkaa hoon,
Jab main sameep hoon main aapkaa hoon,
Jab main door hoon main aapkaa hoon
Har dukh men main aapkaa hoom.
Har sukh men main aapkaa hoon,
Jeevan men main aapkaa hoon
Aur mrityu men main aapkaa hoon!

Remember, I am yours,
When I am near, I am yours,
When I am far, I am yours,
In sorrow, I am yours,
In joy, I am yours,
In life, I am yours,
And in death, I am yours!

What greater boon can I grant than this?
I have not come to subtract from your relations,
I have added myself in their midst.
I do not seek prostrations,
I do not seek worship,
I do not want praise,
I want only you,
So that you may become mine,
And I may become yours!

After this day you must cease to worry. Two people should not worry together. Either you should worry on your own and forget me, or else leave your worries to me, so that I may cause them to vanish altogether.
An ocean delivers up pearls to others,
A tree gives fruit,
Today I am giving myself to you!
Even the devis and devtaas-the angels were waiting for this day when evolution has brought forth a new fruit.

And what can I say about Param Poojya Priya Nathji Bhagwan?

Unmen chhal naheen
Unmen kapat naheen,
Unmen jhoot naheen,
Unmen virodh naheen,
Kewal pyaar hee pyaar hai,
Issee liye to unkaa naam Priya Nath hai.

He is without any selfishness,
He is without deceit,
He is without untruth,
He is without opposition,
He is filled with love and only love,
Which is why his name is Priya Nath.