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On June 26, 1980, the procession went along the Mall Road below Savitri Nivas, past Majestic Theatre, which was now known as Vasu Theatre, all the way to Library and then returned along the same route passing beneath Savitri Nivas again and proceeding onwards towards Hakman’s Hotel.
Shri Nathji’s verse appeared to echo from the heavens:

Aati hai Jahaan men Shahe Mashraq ki savaari
Mit taa hai syaahi kaa ye ab zange zamaanaa

The procession of the Emperor of the East has come,
The dark rust of the ages has gone!

There was also Shri Nathji’s Verse:

Dasht paimaayi se hai apna biyaabaan naazaan
Apne paabos se hai khaare mugeele naazaan

The measured tread of my steps fills the wilderness with Glory,
Even as they kiss my feet, the thorns lying in my way turn to Glory

That evening, as the procession passed through Mussoorie, the clouds came in the sky threateningly, there was even the sound of thunder and the flash of lightning, but not a drop of rain fell.