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There was the birthday of Priya Nath on the 7th of October 1978 at Nagpur. On this day there was Shri Nathji sitting on his armchair in the hall, dressed in a dark blue achkan and a yellow turban. The devotees were all seated before him. The sound of music came from outside even as the shaihnaayis played. Shri Nathji was in a joyful mood as he always was on the birthdays of Priya Nath.
Shri Bhambri, a neighbour, who had developed intense faith in Shri Nathji, was sitting there, singing. He had passed by Shri Nathji’s house and had seen Shri Nathji standing, and the face of Shri Nathji was that of Lord Rama.
But, said Bhambri, there was no dhanusha-bow in the hand. 
And Shri Nathji had said: There was no need for the dhanusha in this age! Uski ab zaroorat naheen thhee!

The words of Bhambri rang out with great feeling:

Tere dar ko chhorr kar kis dar jaayoon main,
Dekh liyaa maine jag saaraa
Tere jaisaa meet naheen
Tere jaisaa sagal sahaaraa,
Teri jaisee preet naheen,
Kin shabdon men aapki
Mahimaa gaaoon main

Leaving thy door where can I go?
I have seen the whole world,
There is no Friend like Thee
There is no greater Protector than Thee,
There is no Love like Thine
There are no words in which
I can sing the praises of Thy Glory

And then his chanting:

Jai Jai Bhola Nath Prabhu,
Jai Jai Priya Nath Prabhu

There is Mrs. Gangabai Bhutt singing:

Inkaa dhartee pe aanaa gazab ho gayaa
Inko sabko dikhaanaa kathhin ho gayaa
Log poochhte hain, kyaa kyaa sochte hain
Kis desh ke hain, pataa iskaa lagaanaa kathhin ho gayaa

His coming upon earth is a miracle in itself,
It is so difficult to reveal Him before all,
People ask and wonder who he is,
From where has he come, no one can tell!

Mansoori ke oonche pahaarr ho
Jahaan Thaakurjee Nath Virraaje
Log darshan karen sukh paayen vo
Darshan se paap kat jaayen

On the heights of the Mussoorie Mountains
There resides the Lord Shri Nathji,
People come and obtain His Glimpse Divine
And their sins are washed away with that Glimpse
And the songs of the Akola bhaktas:

Bhari sabhaa men aake baithhe Nath Bhole Mussoorie vaale
Bhagwaan saakshaat yehi hain baithhe Nath Bhole Mussoorie vaale

Sitting in our midst is Bhole Nath of Mussoorie,
He is God Incarnate, Bhole Nath of Mussoorie.

The devotees of Nagpur and Akola sat before Shri Nathji, looking at him and being totally absorbed in his Divine Beauty and Light.