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Shri Nathji sat at one end of the verandah of Savitri Nivas. He was dressed in his smart green woollen achkan, silken yellow turban and dark glasses. The verandah resonated with the sounds of the shaihnaayi, even as these musicians colourfully bedecked in glittering golden achkans and caps paid their homage to Shri Nathji. He blessed them as they came before him and spoke to them, adding his heavenly voice to the notes of their music.
A pandit had been called from the local Mandir at Library to perform a poojan – a worship with mantras and rites – of the Mahagranth, “The Advent of the Avatar”.
Shri Nathji sat in a chair a little distance from the ‘havan kunj’ where the pandit was pouring oblations into the sacred fire. Priya Nath performed the poojan along with the pandit even as the pandit chanted verses in Sanskrit. The Mahagranth was majestically placed on a silken cloth on a small pedestal placed before the fire. A window of the verandah was kept open to let the smoke out.
Shri Nathji’s devotee from Allahabad, Shri Romesh Chandra, the retired chief engineer of Assam, was sitting next to Priya Nath and joined in the worship. The rest of the devotees sat in the sixty-foot long verandah looking upon the glory of Shri Nathji from behind the smokescreen created by the sacred fire.
A professional cameraman was called to make a silent 8mm movie flim of the celebrations and was filming the scene in colour.
After the pandit’s chantings were over, Shri Nathji’s divine edicts continued to rain down in an unending flow which were beyond the scope of Priya Nath’s tape recorder, even though he tried to preserve as many words as he could.  Shri Nathji’s face glistened with a bright pink glow. His divine glory was impossible to behold.
A few of the important pronouncements of Shri Nathji were as follows:
“Today is the 22nd of June. Tomorrow on the 23rd of June, two birthdays will be celebrated together–that of my physical body and that of the Holy Book, the Mahagranth –‘The Advent of the Avatar’!
These little children sitting in front of me appear to be lost in a world of bliss which even the saints and sages do not attain in their meditations.

Meraa doosraa roop tayyaar ho gayaa hai
Iske aage main bhee pranaam karoongaa!

Another form of mine has been completed.
I too shall bow before it!

Jis ghar men ye granth rahegaa main rahoongaa.

I shall be in that home where the book is kept.

You have found the Fountain of Life and it becomes your duty to tell the world. It is now your duty to tell the world before even one man dies for want of this nectar.
I am going out into your hearts in the form of my voice. I have come to free you of the shackles of Maayaa–this illusion of the world.
I am living for your sake. My contentment lies in making you content.
When Lord Krishna raised Mount Goverdhan with his finger, the cowherds, gawaalaas, gathered there applied their sticks to the mountain. I need your good wishes in a like manner.
Here sits Mrs. Vig from Allahabad. She had been badly burnt in a fire. When the doctors had given up all hope, her husband brought her to me, and I blessed her and said that she would be all right and that even the burn marks on her face and skin would disappear. And they did. Here she is. She narrated this to people and told them: “I had prayed to God to bring this illness upon me so that all my relatives would be compelled to come, and I could take them to Shri Nathji!”
My body shall reman on this earth for as long as even one person has need of it. But this New Form of mine –this Holy Book, shall remain upon this earth for as long as the sun and the moon exist.
The white horse that Shri Babaji Bhagwan brought for me in the vision that Mahamateshwari had, was my HEART, filled with love for the world.
Today I can walk about in my old age and feeble health because I am helped by Shri Priya Nathji all the time. The devotees too have a responsibility towards me – and that is to reveal the Glory of their Lord to the world!
I have not come into this world for any one person, religion or nation. I belong to all! The sun belongs to all! The air belongs to all. The Grace of God is meant for all.
Even when I am gone from this earth I shall continue to do my work in this world in the form of this Holy Book. The service that I am doing today I shall do later through the pages of the Mahagranth!
I give my good wishes and blessings to my son, Param Pujya Shri Priya Nathji, and look upon him as an instrument for the service of humanity. He wrote this book in the midst of numerous storms and tribulations. He deserves the spontaneous good wishes of all who read this book.”