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It was August 15, 1980, the birthday of Mahamateshwari. Shri Nathji called the small home group of devotees and celebrated it amongst them saying: “The whole of India is celebrating this day as independence day. The Love of the mother is the greatest love of all!”
Mahamateshwari’s gramophone record of 1951 was played in which she had sung her bhajan:

“Prabhu mere sharan teri main aayaa

O Lord I have taken a refuge in Thee”

Priya Nath brought Mahamateshwari’s harmonium and played numerous tunes on it, of the songs which Mahamateshwari used to sing at Savitri Nivas while playing the harmonium as an accompaniment.
Amongst these were:

“Tere jo chaahane vaale sanam
Tujhe dhoond hee lenge kabhi na kabhi

Those who are thy lovers will seek Thee out one day of a certainty”

“Hamaari aankhon men bas rahe hain
Idhar hain Raghubar udhar Kanhayiyaa
Uthhaa ke prithvi kaa bhaar donon, idhar hain Raghubar udhar Kanhayiyaa

“They remain before my eyes, Rama on one side and Krishna on the other
Carrying the burden of the world, are the two together, Rama and Krishna”

“Dil hee to hai na sango khisht dard se bhar na aaye kyon
Royenge ham hazaar baar koyi hamen sataaye kyon

“It is but a heart and not a piece of stone that it be not filled with pain,
Weep I will a thousand times, disturb me not in vain.”

Mateshwari would frequently say in a humorous vein to Shri Nathji at Mussoorie:
“I have been given a very difficult duty.
Teenon moortiyon ki sewaa milee hai– Vishnu, Brahma aur Mahesh! I have to serve Vishnu Brahma and Mahesh–all three deities together!”

She was referring to Shri Nathji, Pran Nath and Priya Nath.
Shri Nathji said:
“Mahamateshwari never looked upon me as a mere human. For her I was the only God she ever knew!”
Mahamateshwari’s portrait, which was placed on the wall of the verandah of Savitri Nivas, had a smile on it that day as she saw Shri Nathji and his devotees celebrating her birthday.
Shri Nathji concluded by saying:
“Remember the words of Mahamateshwari’s bhajan:

Hukam saare bajaa laaven tumhaaraa,
Safal jeevan tabhee hove hamaara

Let all obey Thy orders,
This is the only success in life.”