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There was Master Mubaarik, the only music teacher in Mussoorie, who used to frequent Shri Nathji’s darbar in the 1950’s at Savitri Nivas, and who had taught Pran Nath and Priya Nath to play the violin.
On this 23rd of June he sat at the feet of Shri Nathji and held his feet, and said with tears in his eyes: “Hey Nath!”
He was seeing Shri Nathji after many years and something had told him that this was the last time that he would be seeing him. He placed the sitar in his hands and began playing “Raag Darbaari” as a homage to Shri Nathji’s Divine Darbaar.
The entire mystical scene was to soon dissolve into the past along with the numerous birthday celebrations that had come and gone, even as the musical notes of his sitar resonated in the verandah of Savitri Nivas.
Master Mubaarik had composed this verse on Shri Nathji about 30 years ago:

Hey Nath, tumhen yaad kiyaa kartaa hoon,
Teri hee yaad se dil shaad kiyaa kartaa hoon

Hey Nath! I remember Thee all the time,
It is with Thy remembrance that I gladden my heart!

Jab kabhi door main hotaa hoon rafaakat se teri
Iss dile shaad ko naashaad kiyaa kartaa hoon

Whenever I go far away from Thee,
I make restless this peaceful heart of mine

Teraa daavaa hai ke imaan jo laave mujh par,
Uss gunahgaar ki imdaad kiyaa kartaa hoon

It is thy promise that whosoever has faith in Thee,
That sinner shall always be helped by Thee