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After a month’s stay at Delhi, Shri Nathji and Priya Nath returned to Mussoorie in the month of May 1980.
It was the earnest desire of Priya Nath to plan the biggest event for Shri Nathji’s birthday that year. He wanted it to be the grandest function ever held in Shri Nathji’s honour. Shri Nathji’s biography “The Advent of the Avatar” had been printed and this was the proper time to inaugurate its release at Mussoorie.
He had seen how much Shri Nathji had to suffer at the hands of his detractors who had sought to sully his image at Nagpur, and he wished to present the people of Mussoorie with a divine spectacle that would linger on long in their memories, of the Being who had lived in their midst so inconspicuously.
All the devotees agreed to the grand celebration and contributed whatever they could to make it a reality.
And thus it was that the month of June 1980 saw the last glorious birthday celebration of Shri Nathji at his residence, Savitri Nivas, the Mall Mussoorie. The house glittered with lights that went up the approach road and slope of the mountain and covered the hill behind it. It was like a bright diamond sending its rays across the world.
The Divine Radiance of Shri Nathji mingled with the thousands of lights on the hilltop where Savitri Nivas was located above the Mall Road. People from Dehra Dun, twenty miles away, wondered what the strange illumination in the mountains was, as they saw the spot of dazzling light emerge from the hills like a beacon telling the people below that God had come into the Himalayas, the legendary abode of the Lord Shankar Bhole Nath.
Shri Nathji shone in the fulness of His Divine Glory in the verandah of Savitri Nivas, his voice carrying once again the eternal divine intoxication of the ages, and the divine authority and feeling that could come only from God.
Shri Nathji was dressed in a loose, ill-fitting, dark blue woollen achkan made at Delhi, which made him appear quite thin on the first day, June 21, 1980.
Shri Nathji had a very British taste in clothing and thought of dark blue or black as the colour for formal functions or celebrations. However, later at the insistence of Priya Nath he changed into a sharply tailored, smart, dark green achkan with light green stripes, which made him look strong and healthy and at least twenty years younger. Priya Nath loved to see Shri Nathji in this achkan, which denoted a sign of good health.
He wore a yellow silk turban, which had been newly made. And there were his spectacles, transparent or dark black as the occasion demanded.
Shri Nathji was meeting all and sundry who came to him and spoke to each and every person, thus giving several small lectures even before the main lecture of the evening. There was no stopping his divine flow, which was a spontaneous outpouring of his divinity. All who came before him at once had tears in their eyes. His glory carried a radiance that was altogether unique.
Priya Nath had bedecked Savitri Nivas with lights and decorations as a homage to the house that Mahamateshwari had purchased for Shri Nathji years ago in August 1947.
Devotees from Delhi, Maharashtra, Allahabad, Meerut, Punjab and other places filled Savitri Nivas to capacity, their souls rejoicing in the birthday of their Lord and Master, Shri Nathji, whom they knew to be the Master of the Universe.
There were about a hundred persons in all, which was the number that Savitri Nivas and its Cottage could accommodate.
On the 21st of June 1980, Priya Nath regaled Shri Nathji and the devotees with songs, which he sang to the accompaniment of the piano. There was “Bhola Nath Darshan Punyam”, and the very powerful and meaningful verse that Shri Nathji had written, which was in fact a prophecy of the days to come:

Badle hai koyi aan men ab range zamaanaa
Aataa hai aman jaataa hai ab jange zamaanaa

Someone is going to change the face of the world in a moment,
Peace is on its way and the age of war is gone

Aati hai jahaan me Shahe Mashraq ki savaari
Mit taa hai syaahi kaa ye ab zange zamaanaa

The Emperor of the East is coming in procession, in the world,
The rust of the dark ages is gone.

Shri Nathji spoke but for ten minutes, as Priya Nath wished that he conserve his energy for the coming twenty third of June. Amongst other things he made the following important pronouncements:
“The Fountain of Nectar has broken out! Let all come and drink freely of it!
Try to recognise Him on this earth so that when you meet Him afterwards you will know Him! Imagine your state if you go to a foreign land and know no one over there!
Let me congratulate you! After the passing away of ages, He, who was awaited, has come into the world!
A mahatma can never become an Avatar. He goes from ignorance to enlightenment, whereas an Avatar is ever enlightened.
This is the sacred land of Kailash! Aaj ye Kailash Bhoomi hai!
Let me congratulate you–the Age of Truth, Satyuga has come!
You are not free. I have purchased you–by paying the price. And the price is myself! I have given you myself! The world cannot run away from me now, because I have given myself to it!
This voice is not the voice of this body.
This voice is to free you from all fears.
This voice is to serve you.
This voice is to free you from the chains of bondage!
Before the intellectuals I am an intellectual.
Before the priests I am a priest in my own right.
Before the children I am like a toy.
And before the Brahm Gyaani-a knower of God, how can I tell you what I am?
If I wish I can keep this body of mine for thousands of years. Do not think I am making grandiose statements. If I have torn clothes but wish to wear them forever who is there to stop me!
If God does not wish to give anyone he does not show him His door, but if he shows him His door then he does not send the person away empty.

Bhagwan ne jisse denaa naheen usse dwaar naheen dikhaate, aur jisse dwaar dikhaate hain usse khaali naheen bhejte!

Shri Priya Nathji has just sung these words:

‘Badle hai koyi aan men ab range zamaanaa
Aataa hai aman jaataa hai ab jange zamaanaa’

This shall come true in the time to come! Today when the world is threatened by atomic bombs I raise this voice of confidence and hope!
I recall the vision of Mahamateshwari in Mussoorie when she saw Shri Babaji Bhagwan bring a white horse for me. I sat upon it and the nations of the world were before me along with all its kings and emperors, gathered together in peace.
Today the devis and devtaas are showering their flowers from the heavens. However there are few devis and devtaas left there because they are all down here in your form!
This birthday is unique in many ways.
It is a day of Light.
It is a day of Mercy.
It is a day of Grace.
And it is the day when your Servant came before you!
Someone said to me: ‘It is unfortunate that we could not see you in your young age!’
And I replied: ‘Shall I show you my young age? Just look at Shri Priya Nathji!’

Bolo Priya Nathji ki Jai!
Priya Nathji Bhagwan ki Jai!”

The verandah of Savitri Nivas reverberated with the “jai” of Priya Nath even as the devotees followed Shri Nathji.