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In the month of March 1980, they all went to Mussoorie, where Pran Nath enjoyed reliving the moments of his childhood in Savitri Nivas. He played upon the small concertina, which they had purchased in 1955 at Nasik while returning home by car from Bombay. He also re-constructed the small electric train he had made from his Meccano set years ago and which lay in his bedroom. And he played the piano in the dining room over which his fingers had danced so often in the past. There was also a large accordion, which he had brought back with him in 1967 from London. Priya Nath played the piano while Priya Nath played the accordion even as the duet rang out with the notes of:

Bhola Naath darshanam punyam
Paad sparshanam, paap naashanam
Bhaashana shravane moksh mukteenche
Aalingane svarg labhyate

The glimpse of Bhola Nath purifies.
To touch his feet is to destroy sin,
To listen to his voice is to attain salvation
To feel his touch is to be in Heaven

It was an incantation written by the learned pandits of Akola. Shri Nathji frequently quoted the above lines.
While Shri Nathji, Pran Nath and Priya Nath were at Mussoorie, the powers of darkness were seething with discontent but were doing their work covertly so as to take Shri Nathji by surprise in later days.
Shri Nathji remained inside Savitri Nivas for the duration of his stay there, and it was perhaps for that reason that he was not attacked by the forces of evil that prevailed there, waiting ever waiting to strike.