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Priya Nath had desired to take out a procession of Shri Nathji from one end of Mussoorie to another so that the people of the town, as well as the thousands of tourists there, would experience his divine glory as they had never experienced it before.
Although in the past, on two occasions, Shri Nathji’s rickshaw had been brought to his home by respectable persons – once at Shadi Bhavan when the Muslims of the town had pulled it there after a Mushaira Function at the Town Hall in 1945, and the second time when the intellectuals and lawyers of Akola had pulled it to his home from Majestic Theatre in 1953. But there had never been an open procession.
Priya Nath arranged for a well-decorated rickshaw, which would take Shri Nathji, while his devotees walked alongside, proclaiming his “Jai” – Victory. This was also done by Priya Nath to show to the powers of Evil that Shri Nathji had not been defeated by their evil designs. That the rock had not touched a single person.
It was the 26th of June 1980. Shri Nathji’s rickshaw went down the slope of Savitri Nivas and joined the Mall Road from where it was taken in procession towards the Library area of Mussoorie. The devotees walked alongside, chanting: “Bhola Nathji Bhagwan ki Jai!”
The tourists on the Mall were pleasantly surprised. The glory of Shri Nathji’s light shone out with special brilliance that evening, making the lights of Mussoorie appear pale by comparison.
Shri Nathji became the prime exhibit in the tourist city of Mussoorie. When the tourists had come to Mussoorie they had no idea that they were to be given a glimpse of God as part of their tour to the hill station.
All who saw Shri Nathji felt their hearts gripped by an unseen power; there was a spark of recognition, an indefinable feeling of love–and then his rickshaw had gone. He was showering his blessings on everyone regardless of whether they recognised him or not.
Shri Nathji had often said:
“A mother will never disown her child even if the child does not recognise the mother. When a child is too small, and unable to speak, the mother gives him teaspoonfuls of water without his even asking for them!”