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It had been a test for his devotees. Would their faith in Shri Nathji be shaken by this attack on his very life and mission and everything that he stood for? No. Nothing could shake their faith in him because he had already entered into their hearts as Truth, Love and Peace. His devotees were mostly ordinary folk without wealth and status. Their wealth was Shri Nathji.
As Shri Nathji’s verse said:

Vo jo sab kuchh rakhte hain tere sivaa Parmaatmaa
Unpe hanste hain jo kuchh rakhte naheen tere sivaa

They who have everything except Thee, O Lord,
Laugh at those who have nothing except Thee!

Yes, the world often laughed at the poor and the meek because they had no wealth except the wealth of God, which was the greatest of wealths that man could possess.