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Shri Nathji’s words were not in the form of sermons any longer, but rather were in the nature of edicts or divine commandments.
Mahamateshwari used to say in Mussoorie:
“I have been observing ever since marriage in 1939, that Shri Nathji’s manner of speaking has been changing. Now his lectures are not only intellectual but they also carry great authority with them. His voice has become more powerful.”
While in the earlier days there was a fascinating storehouse of divine knowledge released upon humanity, in later days Shri Nathji spoke with great authority and command. In Akola and Nagpur this authority had turned into divine commandments and edicts in the nature of pronouncements that only God was capable of.
Priya Nath, whose major worry in life was preserving Shri Nathji’s words, writings and personality before the world, had made over one hundred and twenty tape recordings of Shri Nathji’s talks at Nagpur and Akola, and this was but a drop in the ocean, as he was constrained by the number of tapes he could get at any one time.  Although these tapes had captured only his words, not his beautiful personality, yet he was being vividly portrayed in his words.
Priya Nath had always rued the fact that no sound films of Shri Nathji had been made by his devotees in the 1930’s when he was in the prime of his youth and divine glory.