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Your experience is the greatest teacher. You are reading a book. On one of its pages is written ‘salt’ and on the other ‘sugar’. If you have tasted neither, you cannot know what the author meant. It is only when you taste it yourself that you will understand what the book said.”
You are thirsty, and your thirst is satiated by water. Your experience is enough to convince you that water is the answer to your thirst.”
The need within man for peace convinces him, through his own experiences, that the answer lies in God alone.
A child is lost in a large crowd of persons. Suddenly he sees his mother, and recognizes her instantly–and then rushes towards her instinctively.
On the one side there is a King with a crown, and on the other side there is a beggar with a begging bowl. Here is one that would give, and there another who would receive. There is instant recognition.

“Tahi daston kaa rutbaa aihle daulat se zyaadaa hai,
Suraahi sar ke bal jhukti hai jab paimaanaa aataa hai

The worth of hands that are empty is greater than the greatest of wealth,
For a goblet must bend by its head when an empty vessel comes!

You have Bhola Nath before you. He is a Bhola Nath–an innocent Nath. It is good that he is not a Chatur Nath–a clever Nath, or else he would have been very calculating.”

Kis kadar Bhole hain mere Bhole Nath
Sar jhukaane se hee khush ho jaate hain

How innocent is my Bhole Nath,
A mere bowing of the head is enough to please him so.”

“Satyam Shivam Sundaram
God is Truth, He is the Soul, He is Beauty itself.”
Shri Nathji’s words flowed out:
“Man is incomplete, like a dewdrop that sits on the petal of a rose, trembling with a fearful consciousness of its own doom. It has no means by which it can reach the ocean. But, then, a ray of light comes from the Sun and evaporates the drop, taking it to higher regions above, from where the drop falls and mingles into the ocean.  This union came about not because of any efforts on the part of the dewdrop but by the Grace of God alone.
“It was not only the drop which sought to meet the ocean, the ocean also sought to bring the drop back to itself. It was not only the dewdrop that was incomplete without the ocean, the ocean was also incomplete without the dewdrop.
“All that man has to do is to have a yearning to meet God, and God will Himself shower His Grace upon him and bring him to Himself.
“God remains incomplete for as long as even one soul is separate from Him.